Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Not a Patient. Impatient To Go Home.

I woke up alone in our hospital room and immediately spun into action.  Quick shower, dress in whatever I pull out of the chaotic suitcase, and downstairs for a quick breakfast.

The cafeteria offered crappy egg dishes and other stuff.  Hunger made it all look good though.  I scarfed it down.  There is an Argo Tea in the lobby as well.  Pair one of the green teas with a pastry and you have the makings of a good continental breakfast.

Clean and nourished, I went first to check on Froggy Jr.  He was losing weight, but at a modest rate - quite normal.  JK was in a post-op recovery room by this time.  Much nicer than our patient room!  I was thinking that it wouldn't be so bad to remain.  Last, a visit to HB Jr., helped to convince me that all was well.  At least for the moment.

My mother and a friend showed up to check on JK.  She was groggy but happily no longer bleeding.  A pass through NICU to see and hold Froggy Jr. brightened her day.  Once she was allowed upstairs, I brought HB Jr.

JK's recovery was far from immediate.  She was still hooked to IVs and a catheter.  She looked a mess.

I suppose I felt effects even more once she was back to bathrooms and solid food.  My folks brought a wonderful gift one night - Chinese BBQ.  There was roast duck, steamed chicken, Chinese broccoli, etc.  I ate with relish.  Even JK, her appetite still not fully returned, ate with enthusiasm.

A short while later, it all came back up.  I helped to get her cleaned up of course... and we learned a valuable lesson about post-op eating.

Do so, but with caution.

I also helped her get to the bathroom, change bandages, change pads and underwear, etc.  Looking back, I think it was the first step toward getting rid of my gag reflex.

Meantime, I was becoming stir crazy and dying to take my family home.  Enough crappy food!  Enough days of no crapping!

Yes, it is true.  Days.  Five days, if you wish to know.  With no bowel movement.

Ah, the wonders of hospital cuisine.

Froggy Jr. remained in the NICU and JK eventually was mobile enough to see him.  She was so very happy when she was able to visit finally.  There was not much more time in our hospital stay.

But Froggy Jr.?  He would be staying.

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