Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Tale of Two Couples

For the record, JK humiliated me again in the bracket bet.  That's four years out of five that I've had to withstand the emasculating humiliation of losing to my wife.

But I was about to tell a tale of two couples I have heard of.  One fertile couple and the other, infertile, offer us a view into what happens when parenthood is simply arrived at, versus parenthood that is fought for.

The first couple became pregnant without really discussing very much about the consequences of parenthood.  Your life really does change!  He wanted a boy and was disappointed when it turned out to be a girl.  She was unprepared for the work involved and wondered if she'd blown it when she decided to become a parent.

The second couple finally made to the other side after a couple of miscarriages, surgeries, and a two year fight.  Both are so incredibly committed to this girl, it's little touching and heartbreaking all at the same time.

He returned to work just this past week and called apparently by the hour.  She cannot let go of the little cutie and suffers no one else to care for her except for the husband.

I love a "made it to the other side story"!  You see, I believe that infertiles make amazing parents, when they get their chance.

Wanting to be a parent for so long makes you appreciate the wonders and privilege of parenting.

Do you remember Revenge of the Nerds and Lewis (Robert Carradine) after his shag with Betty Childs (Julia Montgomery)?

He said, "Jocks think about sports, we think about sex."

I know what he means!  During my dorky supremely un-sexed younger days!... but I digress.

What I mean to say is, couples that dream of becoming parents after a long journey tend to do a better job of it when given the chance.  I know that, now that we have our chance, we won't squander it.  Our twins will have everything they need.  Especially plugged in parents focused on helping them to become their best versions of themselves.

So I say that I am rooting for you - each of you - in your quest to become parents.  I know you'll be great!!!

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  1. I am not afraid to admit that I am a writing snob. I am married to a playwright and online-published myself. I hate when those with no talent are given space that I assume has been taken from someone who could have better entertained, enlightening, or educated me.
    I did not know you were a writer, Alec. You deserve space. "and suffers no one else to care for her except for the husband" is a lovely phrase.
    Congratulations on parenthood to you and JK.