Monday, May 9, 2011

Smelling the roses on Mother's Day

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Yesterday, JK asked me if Father's Day would feel special or different to me.  I thought for only a moment.

"Yes," I told her.  "It will."

"Are you going to get weepy?" she said with a smile.

"No.  But I think it will be a special day."

To my readers that have not yet reached the other side, I ask your forgiveness.  Mother's Day is a painful holiday for infertiles.  JK and I felt that pain through our journey.  But, a first Mother's Day for an infertile woman is a remarkable thing.  A chance to breathe in and sigh.  You close your eyes and then open them to see these angelic faces.

Have you ever hiked or mountain climbed?  I've hiked some challenging inclines to get to peaks a couple thousand feet up (though not rock climbed).  At the end, I just wanted to sit, breathe, and feel the stillness around me.  I wanted to enjoy the accomplishment, but also remember that it isn't just the journey, it's also the destination that is so important.

We will always remember our journey, complete will every harsh turn.  Those memories will make the present all the sweeter.  But we will remember to live in the now, with our twins, and Luke the Dog, and everyone that enters our lives.  And we will enjoy each day because we will NOT squander the opportunity that fortune has given us by allowing the twins to come along.

We owe it to every Wannabe parent to treasure each moment and be the best parents we can be.

And so Mother's Day came and went.  Breakfast (cooked by JK and me) with my folks at our house.  A stroll in the neighborhood with the twins and Luke.  A quiet night at home.  A day unremarkable and yet completely remarkable.  JK's first Mother's Day.

I hope so very much that each of you experience your first Mother's Day too.  And to those of you who have made it to the other side, happy Mother's Day.

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  1. Hi Alec,

    You left a very kind comment on my blog a while back and I'm just now thanking you for that. Sorry to be so late, but I wanted you to know it was appreciated.

    So glad that you enjoyed a happy and peaceful Mother's Day. Although I'm not much of a hiker myself, I think the analogy you used fits just right. It felt good for us, too, to be able to be there and take it all in and allow ourselves to celebrate. Finally.

    Love your blog!