Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Meeting Dr. Sipe

So now we come to it.  Three miscarriages later, JK and I talk to Dr. B about a fertility doc.  She figures there are two good choices at Fertility Centers of Illinois (FCI).  One is Dr. Kaplan, who is their celeb-doc.  He has done more aided births than any doctor in the Midwest.  Heck, while we were being treated there, Dr. Kaplan had Bill and Giuliana Rancic and the whole reality show barrage.

On the other hand, said Dr. B, we could go with her friend Dr. Sipe.  He's younger, doesn't have the stats, but he's nice.  Dr. B figured JK could use a little compassion.

JK and I hardly discussed it.  We went with Dr. Sipe.

I figure any doctor that works with FCI is very good at what they do.  So if competency isn't in question, then maybe you can aim for the other 'softer' pieces.

It's funny though.  We felt like we had broken ranks with the entire world.  Our friends Brant and Jen?  Dr. Kaplan treated them.  The other members of JK's yoga class?  All Dr. Kaplan.  Seemingly the entire world?  Kaplan.  Kaplan.  Kaplan.

Who can argue?  The guy gets results.  Brant and Jen have beautiful twins to attest to this truth.

In the previous episode, I talked about the mind (heart? soul?) and the body, and how important it was that they work together.  We hoped Dr. Sipe would treat JK's body while keeping her soul intact.  We were not disappointed.

He has a subtle sense of humor, does Sipe, and a mildly dorky aura (I can relate, my beloved readers).  Most important, I felt that he really was focused on us.  He cared.  And I sensed JK giving him her trust.  After that, could anything be more important?

We first learned the scary path.  Clomid.  Clomid plus other drugs.  IUI.  IVF.  All of the percentages.  All of the costs.  The time needed.  Taking all of that information in was not easy.  But Dr. Sipe urged that we do each in order.  JK was unsure, thinking she was aging and time was short.  I pointed out that we'd decided to work with Sipe.  That meant we were all in.  Either we trust him fully and follow his instructions, or we move on.

Before we could begin Clomid, a few things would have to occur.  We would both need to have blood tests run, and JK would need an ultrasound to check her uterus.  In perhaps the funniest episode of our long journey, I had to donate a sperm sample.  Next time, I'll tell you all about it.

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  1. Dr Sipe did 2 of my egg transfers. He really is a wonderful man.