Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Drawstring for the Uterus

Before returning to the story, I have an announcement.

I've been honored by RESOLVE.  They have asked me to do a Father's Day Twitterview with Executive Director Barbara Collura.  The Twitterview will cover a range of topics.  Anyone is welcome to view, and we hope that Wannabe Moms and Dads both will join us.  Comments and questions are welcomed as well.

The Twitterview will take place Friday, June 17th @ 2pm Eastern time.

You can follow the hash-tag #tvFD (representing Twitterview for Father’s Day) at this link:!/search/%23tvFD.  Also, RESOLVE will post the full transcript on later that day when the Twitterview is over.  Also, if you go to the page you can watch the dialogue between me and RESOLVE that way, as RESOLVE will re-tweets the discussion.

Please spread the word!

*          *          *

Dr. B left the room while JK and I sat stunned and scared.  We knew that Dr. B feared for us and for the babies.  Next thing we knew, a nurse was asking JK when she last ate.

Surgery was in the works again.  And thus, for the fourth and scariest time to date, JK would go under the knife.  Now, we had more to lose.  Even if she emerged from surgery unscathed, the twins might not.

A cerclage would be needed to close the cervix and keep it closed.  It looks and works a little like a drawstring, as it happens.