Monday, March 21, 2011

Reflections on miracles

Miracles were the theme of my life this past weekend.  I left JK and our twin miracles in Chicago this weekend and went to the Bat-Mitzvah of Keith and Peri's daughter Nacia.  You may recall mention of Keith and Peri, who helped guide me through infertility and in large part inspired this blog.  Nacia was their miracle - the daughter that arrived after a painful two year infertility odyssey.

Nacia is a hebrew word that translates to miracle.

Reminded of this at the temple, I began to reflect upon the nature of miracles.  And how they are perceived.  And what we might call a miracle.

31 years later, most people alive at the time still remember the Miracle on Ice.  The greatest sports upset ever, most people agree, was a miracle.  Of course, it was also a product of hard work, good coaching, and fantastic team chemistry.

I sometimes watch Biggest Loser, and watch miracles happen as morbidly obese people become fit in the space of a few months.  Those miracles are definitely the result of hard work!

Often times, when we work hard and get results, we still call it a miracle.  The end is so fantastic and unexpected that we forget the journey and all of the tasks along the way.

I think greater miracles occur when hope leaves and there seems to be no reason to work toward the goal anymore.  Keith and Peri's miracle struck at just such a moment.

I guess there are a whole lot of things I see as miraculous:

1) An athlete conducts a press conference without ever saying "you know".

2) A lawmaker tells the unadulterated truth.

3) The Cubs win the World Series (or even the friggin pennant).

4) Our dog Luke learns to play fetch.

5) The drivers in my neighborhood observe stop signs.

Or, on a more serious note:

1) That I found JK after all my years of searching, and wondering if I would die alone.

2) That we got our twins even though the cards seemed stacked against us so heavily.

3) That my family is healthy.

4) That we are happy.

5) That we love one another.

In the final analysis, a whole lot of "miracles" appear objectively mundane.

My dear friends Marcel and Sherry got their miracle in the form of a little Chinese girl a few months ago.  Their biological options for a child were difficult at best, but they knew that they had love to share.  Thus began a three year odyssey of trying to adopt.

I think their greatest miracle was the perseverance they held to in the face of delays, stalls and policy changes.  I cannot believe they stayed the course.  It really does appear miraculous to me.

Perhaps it's even more miraculous that the laces of destiny and chance tied these three people into a whole family and gave each what they needed most.  What are the chances of that?  Miraculous.

I guess, in the end, I don't believe in biblical miracles.  But I do believe that the everyday can be pretty miraculous, depending upon one's point of view.

Whatever miracle you hope for, my beloved readers, I hope you get it.  And if not, I hope your unanticipated miracle awaits.


  1. it's nice to take time to remember what we're thankful for and to relive the path from which we just came. I enjoy reading your posts. Be well.

    ICLW #44

  2. I love your perspective on miracles and completely agree that we forget how hard we worked to make the miraculous possible. Maybe the miracle is that we can let go enough to let miracles happen. Holding on tight (too tight) is in our nature.

  3. Great post. We sometimes forget how much work can go into these miracles.

    ICLW #8

  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Happy ICLW!

    I agree, but thanks for the reminder. We can get so focused on what we DON'T have, that all the amazing things in our life get overshadowed sometimes. Miracles happen every day :)

    Btw, my husband really enjoys your blog!

  5. What a wonderful post. It's so inspiring to see a male perspective to all of this. Are you going to read the new book that is out? Swimming in Circles? Congrats on your miracles. And thank you for reminding me how miraculous my own life is.

    Happy ICLW! (#95)

  6. Thanks for the laugh. As a die-hard Cub fan, that would have been on my list too! This year is our year! Ha!

    Everyday can be miraculous! Sometimes I'm more aware of it than others. Great post!

  7. Here from ICLW - this is a beautiful post. It is important to remember the miraculousness of everyday events, or things we've come to take for granted.